PIL Monday Update 7/20/20 – New Schedules


Good Day everyone!

Starting today, we're going to schedule our Product Image Updates to go out Every Monday.  So be sure to make a note to look out for our email notifications on Mondays, or come check in here on the site.

This week, we have ALL SIS products (Linkswalker & Suntime) with image updates, along with a select number of HW Clocks.

Please use the provided Image Update Folder and List of Affected SKUs to Help you update your images.

There are also two database files with updated inventory #s reflecting our current Out of Stock products.

7/20/20 Affected SKUS

7/20/20 PIL Images

Linskwalker Master

Suntime Master

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Thank you!


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