Database Resources

Helpful Setup Tips:

This database is in a format that allows you to go to a column “School” for example, drop down and select the radio buttons for the schools you want to carry. Then to narrow down the products you are looking to carry on your site, you can go to the “Product” column and make your selection there.

Now you have the start of your new import spreadsheet but you will need to create the map that matches your e-commerce database fields. I have found the most accurate and effective way to map the fields and columns is to do an export from your e-commerce website and delete all but one row of product and leave your top title line/row. You may already have a template set aside for this purpose.


Have the export template from your site open in one Excel Sheet and the Suntime/LinksWalker database file open in another sheet. Copy a column from our spreadsheet that matches a field in your template using the single product you left for an example and paste below that row. Repeat the process for each column needed in your template. You will notice the last few columns in our spreadsheet are options for product titles. You can use these to help create a title to match your current layout.

To complete, delete the example you left from your export and the title row that is copied over from our master. Save and import.

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